Post Graduate Programmes

Degree of Programme
Faculty of Arts and Sciences History Master Doctorate  
Geography Master Doctorate  
Turkish Language and Literature Master Doctorate  
Sociology Master    
Philosophy Master    
Psychology Master    
Archaeology Master    
Art History Master    
Faculty of Theology Basic Islamic Sciences Master Doctorate  
Philosophy and Religious Studies Master Doctorate  
Islamic History and Arts Master Doctorate  
Faculty of Law Public Law Master Doctorate Master
Private Law Master    
Interdisciplinary Woman and Family Studies Master    
Interdisciplinary Management and Industrial Relations     Master
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Business
Master Doctorate Master
Public Administration Master Doctorate  
Political Sciences and Public Administration     Master
(Non-Thesis/ Distance Learning)
Local Goverments     Master
(Non-Thesis/ Distance Learning)
Economy Master Doctorate  
Yaşar Doğu Faculty of Sport Sciences Sport Management Master Doctorate  
Interdisciplinary Religious Counseling and Guidance     Master
Interdisciplinary Marriage and Family Consultance     Master